The Talentmachine Company, Inc. Presents



Director:  Caleb Williams

Choreographer:  Vicki Smith

Musical Director:  Dennis Blair


Show Dates:   August 5-7 and August 11-14

All tickets are General Admission
All seats are $13 until July 4th ($2 discount)
After July 4th all seats are $15

St. John’s College
Key Auditorium
Annapolis, Maryland

Charity Valentine is the eternal optimist. While working at the Fan Dango Ballroom, she has been strung along in a series of bad relationships. Nonetheless, she always holds out hope- and she seems to have finally met a decent fellow in Oscar. Concerned that he will reject her if he finds out her true profession, she lies and tells him that she works in a bank. Soon Oscar asks Charity to marry him. Unfortunately, Oscar discovers Charity’s real profession and he backs out of the marriage.

Sweet Charity follows Charity’s romantic ups and downs as she remains ever-hopeful that she will ultimately find love.