Mean Girls (2023 Teen Show)

Enjoy the trailer from last summer’s highly praised teen production of “Mean Girls.” 

Review of Last Summer’s Teen Show:
Mean Girls

“The script and lyrics…are hilarious, but the real power of the musical comes from the significant talent amassed on stage by the Talent Machine, which has a deep bench here, thanks to director Christine Martini and musical director Andrew Gordon,” wrote Sue Tilberry, MD Theatre Guide Reviewer.

The full review of Mean Girls in the MD Theatre Guide couldn’t have been better or more complimentary of the cast and crew of the hilarious, but often poignant, musical. Reviewer Sue Tilberry wrote:
  • Cast member Finola Quinn, who plays Janis, can “belt out a song” and Tilberry was glad she had many opportunities to do so during the show.
  • Daniel Jones, who plays Damien, “comes close to stealing every scene he’s in … He knows how to work the audience and nearly explodes with personality.”
  • Isabella Van Bergen inhabits her role as Cady beautifully, going from scared and unsure, to ‘plastic’ and back again to a refreshing version of herself in the course of two hours.”
  • Madison Knoppel as Queen Mean Girl Regina “is scary, but also sultry and sensual at the same time. She lets loose on songs in a way that sends chills down your spine.”
  • Rosalie Hess and Lucy Dennis as Gretchen and Karen respectively are “silly in their parts, and thankfully they have solos to show off their considerable vocal muscle.”
  • Nicholas Landerkin is a “delightful standout” as the rapping, dancing, mathlete Kevin.
Tilberry also compliments the “swirling choreography” from Julia Daniel, Vicki Smith and Natalie Dixon, and she particularly enjoyed the full-ensemble tap number, which she said “delighted” the audience.
In her final summary, Tilberry said this show rivals adult productions and she encouraged readers to see the show for “sheer entertainment” and “to support our next generation of performers.”
Read the full review here. Comments from our audiences were equally positive:
“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for such a wonderful production. My daughter and I saw it on Sunday night. She is going into seventh grade. It was a great show and caused us to have some great conversation about what we saw  and how my daughter can deal with those things in her own life. So many great messages.” -Mean Girls Patron
“It was the best TMC show I’ve seen since my child started in 2020. The choreography is precise, edgy, and fresh. All 32 cast members performed at a high level of professionalism.” –Melissa Saint-Amour