Our Members

Many thanks to our Charter Members who joined in 2022 during our first-ever Membership Drive, and to our New Sustaining Members who have joined so far in 2023. They represent current cast members and families, alumni cast and families, and our wide community of Friends of Talent Machine! Annual membership in the Company helps sustain us throughout the year. Our goal is to continue to provide children and youth from our region with the chance to discover what a musical theater experience can teach them about themselves, their sense of community, and the value of commitment.

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Our Casts Thank You!

Charter Members

Producers ($500)

Phil Edgerly & MaryLouise Wrabley
Andrea Foster
(Conkling Foster CPA)
David Herron

Tami Howie
Diane Koenig
Anne Luzier

Kevin & Cheri McCarty
James Miller
Dave & Lisa Ossman

Mary Porter
Debbie Potter

Gerald Roberts
Mark & Danielle Tidman

Gail Westover


Directors ($250)

Darren Biggart
Allison Collier
Charlotte Corwin
Lynette Crook
Andrea Davis
Kelsea Edgerly
Sam Edgerly
Stacey Knoppel
Sandi Martini
Bridget McMahon
Gina Raley
Madeleine Raley
David Rector & Susan Krepps
Suzanne Sankey

Lisa Smith
Peggy Thibault

Lisa Van Wormer


Leads ($150)

Donna and Duane Arbogast
Lea and Michael Blonder
Katy Compher
Roland & Judy Curbelo
Debra Daniel
Pam Diedrich
Rikki Gimelstob
Joanne Gingerich
Whitney Green
Kristin Johns
Kimberly Kandra
Elaine Mahaffey
Katherine McBee
Richard Meyer
Erica O’Neil
Sandra Sarkady
Allyson Small

Ensemble ($50)

Danielle Basilio
Sierra Basilio
Janice Berry
Samantha Curbelo
Erin Daniel
Julia Daniel
Kim Dixon
Mari Ann Donnelly
Leanne Doty
Gloria Douma
Joyce Eaton
Abbie Ellicott
Melissa Ellis
Nicole Fickes
Monica Fish
Cathleen Larner-Beckett
Donna McCorkle
Emma Millard
Katherine Nevitt
Rosalie Osborne
David Ossman
Jannette Owen
Terry Prince
Taylor Rector
Robert Sherer
Belinda Sims
John Simpson
Alyssa Stanford
Sally VanZandt

New Sustaining Members

Samantha Blonder (Lead Level)